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Re: Gaith Goes to Skywalker Ranch, Annoys George and Gabs with Big Jim

^ This was before any mention of the novel, which I don't care about; Big Jim ought to be making movies, for Pete's sake! (Including upconverting T2!)

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I make Mom Jedi Mind-Trick him into waving us through. He laughs good-naturedly, and lies that no one's ever done that to him before...
That guy
Must hate
His job
Mom and I joked about that on the way home: he gets back from work, slams the door, and goes straight for the vodka in the freezer.

"Honey," his wife asks, "what's wrong?"

"Those meanies!" he sobs/wails. "They Jedi Mind-Tricked me, again!!"

But seriously, gate-guard gigs are hardly the world's most stimulating employment, so I doubt he'd mind a small diversion now and then. And if, as it seemed, he finds it charming, so much the better!

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I'm disappointed in you! No chasing George around the reception, ranting about the PT? Or did Mom Jedi put a stop to that?
Offline, at least, Gaith is as dignified a gentleman as any.
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