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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Next Bond should be black. He has been white for far too long already.
Next Blade should be white. He has been black for far too long already.
Here we go with the tit-for-tat. Though I'm not a fan of changing Bond's race, I think these type of kneejerk responses, usually Shaft if not Blade do little to address the original assertion. There's no comparison between Blade who starred in three films and a failed TV show, with Bond which is a billion dollar franchise. The Blade and Shaft franchises together wouldn't put a dent in Bond's. Neither have made the mainstream cultural impact that Bond has, and switching their races wouldn't have much of a ripple for majority audiences. Changing Bond's race would create more widespread debate about the images and roles available for actors of color. And it is for that reason, the controversial debate and the potential for lost revenue that you won't see a black Bond anytime soon. Though Idris Elba could definitely pull it off.

I'm not opposed to racebending completely, but I don't think it would work for Bond. I think if the character was made into a black man, white producers would take away the character's virility. They would probably make him an eunuch. I think Bond is too much a symbol of white Western manhood to ever change skin colors. Though there is a lot of red, yellow, and brown tint in the Western experience too.

The real problem IMO is the lack of major roles for actors/actresses of color, or of iconic characters of color who could have a franchise that could rival Bond, Harry Potter, LOTR, etc. So I think there's a tendency for some to try to gloam onto existing franchises instead of working to promote homegrown, organic characters/properties. Though his content is debatable, Tyler Perry has provided an interesting model of franchise building with his Madea character. I would rather see black characters and others of color attempt to do something like this, instead of trying to be a black Bond or Kirk, or whatever.

We're not there yet, and it isn't because no one hasn't created works that could be turned to franchises. There's a lot of black heroes in literature, once you delve into it, it's just an issue of black heroes, with the exception of if they are played by Will Smith and a handful of others, are not seen as profitable. Then again, Smith's racebending Jim West didn't leave many wanting more, though it could've been the fact that that movie itself was a steaming pile more than anything Smith did in the role of West.
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