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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

14. Monsters (2010) - C+. This movie is more about the characters than the titular monsters, but the problem is, I didn't find the characters to be all that interesting. This is basically a road trip movie / love story with the twist that the road trip is through an "infected zone" in Nothern Mexico, populated by invading alien creatures that are something like a cross between a Giraffe and an Octopus. There were several neat reveals about the creatures, and the effects for such a low budget film were very well done (it's been noted just about everywhere that the effects were done on a laptop- and really, they look pretty good). Fairly decent movie with an interesting mythology but is brought down a bit by it's weak romance. I just really didn't care that the two leads ended up together.

15. The Tune (Bill Plympton) - C. First full length Plympton movie I've seen (and his first attempt at one, from what I read). It's not bad, some of the songs are funny, but at just a little over an hour it still seemed to drag in spots. Some of the animation sequences are inspired, others no so much, and the inclusion of some of his previous shorts in full will detract from the experience for those who are already familiar with his work.
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