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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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10. Black Swan (B+)
11. Made in Dagenham (B)
12. Gentleman's Agreement (A-)
13. Barney's Version (A-)
14. Out of Africa (B)
15. The Social Network (A-)
16. The Sound of Music (B+)

The third-highest-grossing film of all time (adjusted), and one of the iconic musicals; this is one of those movies that, on watching it, you spot a billion ways its been referenced in subsequent pop culture. I'm seeing it for the first time at 23; this is the sort of film I should perhaps have been shown earlier. All the same, it's a charming piece of work, though I don't "love" it in the way so many do. It's notably rather loose in structure; the odd reference aside, antagonists don't present themselves until the last thirty minutes or so. All the same, I admire them for not turning the Baroness into a total villain for the sake of having one.
I'm 35 and there was a time when The Sound of Music would be on TV at least once a year. That was before cable really took off in the 90's though. That along with The Ten Commandments and Wizard of Oz used to air at leat once but I digress.

My girlfriend before we were serious teased me that I had The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins on DVD. She couldn't fathom why I'd have those right next to Rocky, Star Trek, Rambo, Stargate and other such obvious testerone flicks. It puzzled her.

Now of course she knows I'm a movie buff but I told her classics are classics for a reason. Appearances be damned. Glad you liked it on first viewing Canada!
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