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Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)
Story 1 – The Esteemsters Code (Part 1)

Lawndale, MD, USA
Monday, September 20, 2005
The blue Lexus approached the High School.Girls, I just want you to know your mother and I realise it's not easy moving to a whole new town -- especially for you, Daria, right?” Jake Morgendorffer said.

“Did we move?” his 15, almost 16, year old daughter, Daria, said with a touch of sarcasm.

“I am just saying you don't make friends as easily as, uh, some people,” Jake said.

The car radio suddenly blared “It's all about the Pentiums!” as Jake's 14 year old daughter Quinn turned up Weird Al Yankovic's song It's all about the Pentiums.

"Quinn, for instance?”

"That's not what I meant, necessarily,” Jake said, as he switched the radio off. The point is, the first day at a new school is bound to be difficult... "

Daria leaned forward and turned on the radio, cranking it up “... If you could use a nice heavy paperweight! The Digital Media is write protected! Every file inspected. No viruses detected....

"Speak up Dad! Can't hear you!” Daria shouted.

"Uh, where was I,” he turned off the radio. “Oh yeah.” The Morgendorffers see that they had arrived at the school.

“Don't get upset if it takes the other kids a little while to warm up to you.”

Quinn grabbed her bag of books and her laptop in its case as she got out of the car. “See you tonight, Daddy,” she said.

With her pixie-length red hair, pretty, freckled face and pink shirt (with the logo of the first Matrix film and Keanu Reeves' [as Neo] face on it) Quinn attracted a lot of attention.

"Hi, What is your name?” a brunette, with her hair in braided pig tails, said.

“Quinn Morgendorffer.”

“Cool Name,” another, regal looking, brunette said, in a faux-valley girl accent.

Meanwhile Daria slipped out of the car and into the school without notice.

“Will you go out with me?” a boy asked. Quinn put her hand to her forehead.

'Not again!' she thought. She didn't want to go out with a boy that she had just met, without getting to know him first. “Maybe,” she said. She then turned to the girl whom had said that her name was cool.
“You know my name, what's yours?” she asked.

“Sandi Griffin.”

“That sound's cool too,” Quinn said.

“Would you like to join the Fashion Club?” Sandi asked.

“There is a vice-presidential position available,” the pig-tailed brunette said.

''Fashion Club?” Quinn wasn't sure that she wanted to join such a club. “And you are?” she said, turning to the one with the pig-tails.

The pig-tailed brunette hesitated before saying “Stacy, Stacy Rowe. I'm the secretary. Sandi's the President.”

“Are you two the only one's in the club?” Quinn asked, with curiosity, and starting to back away.

“Oh no. There is, like, a third member, but she is not here yet,” Sandi said.

“Sorry Sandi. I don't want to join the Fashion Club,” Quinn said.

“]Why not?” Sandi asked, archly. Quinn started backing away, towards the school. Her 'gut' seemed to be saying that Sandi wouldn't take a refusal lightly.

“That is not where my interest lies. Does the school have a Computer Club?”

“Computer Club? Why do you, like, want to know about that? It's full of Geeks!” Sandi said.

Quinn was outraged. “I am a Geek! And I was popular at my last school, despite that status! So far Lawndale appears to be much better than Highland, so I am sure I will be a popular geek here too!” She ran off towards the school.

Sandi Griffin looked at Quinn Morgendorffer as she ran into the school building “I may be a freshman, but I know that geeks are, like, not popular here!” she said.

“Why did you scare her off, Sandi?” Stacy Rowe asked. Sandi glared at her. “Eep!”

Mrs Manson, Lawndale High's psychologist held a picture up in front of Quinn. “What do you see here?” she asked.

“Looks like two people talking,” Quinn said.

“That's right. Can you make up a little story about what it is they're discussing?”

“They are living together and they trying to put their computers in the same network, so they can share their ADSL router. They have just got up from a session of trying to get it to work. She says that he needs to get a newer version of Windows so it can talk to her Linux system. And he is saying that if she had Windows that it would work. Then she says that she doesn't want to put up with Microsoft's crapware any more than she needs to. He then says that she should then get a Mac. She then says that PC's have better hardware...”

Mrs Manson interrupted “Very good Quinn. Now, Dora, let's see if you can make up a story as vivid as, though less technical than, your sister's.

“It's Daria.”

“I'm sorry... Daria. What do you see in the picture, Dara?”

“Um... a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains.”

At recess Quinn entered the front office. The receptionist greeted her.

“Hi, I am looking for information on the Computer Club.”

“Actually, there are two Computer Clubs,” the receptionist said.

“Ok, I would like information on both of them,” Quinn said. The receptionist turned to the computer and soon two sheets come out of the printer.

“Here, information on the Computer Club and the Programming Club,” the receptionist said, handing the sheets over.

“Thanks!” Quinn said. She then left.

At her locker, she glanced at the information on the sheets.

Club Name: Computer Club

President: Jodie Landon

Vice President: Jennifer Burns

Club Name: Programming Club

President: Andrea Hecuba

Vice President: Dewey Rogers

'Ok, at lunch I will try to get in contact with these people,' she thought. She placed the sheets in the locker and closed it.

At lunchtime Sandi entered the cafeteria to find a crowd, of both sexes, sitting around that Geek, Quinn, at one of the 'popular' tables. She stopped in her tracks, causing her fellow Fashion Club member, Tiffany Blum Deckler, to crash into her.

“]What is up, Sandi?” Tiffany asked, when she had recovered from the collision. 'She usually watches where she is going,' she thought.

“That Geek, like, appears to be popular! How is this happening to me?” Sandi asked, with anger. She glared at Quinn (or tried to, people were getting in the way).

“What geek?” Tiffany asked, clueless.

"Quinn Morgendorffer!”

“The new girl?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes, Tiffany!” Sandi said.

“People were talking to her in Science and in Study Hall,” Tiffany said. 'I couldn't understand most of what she said. Something to do with computers,' she thought.

"Great!” Sandi said as she started moving again.

Quinn was talking to her new friends, Kristen and Cindy, about the Computer Club and the Programming club, as they ate lunch. “So you know Andrea, right?” she asked as she pointed to Andrea Hecuba's name on the information sheet for the Programming Club.

“I do. I must warn you, she is a misanthrope,” Kristen Bell said.

“Oh?” Quinn asked as she took a slice of tofu off the plate.

“Like, she is not much for company. They say that she is a hacker,” Cindy Robertson said.

“That reminds me of my sister. She is quite a misanthrope. I don't think she is a hacker,” Quinn said, whimsically.

Kristen looked at Quinn “I think I saw her. Auburn hair, big glasses, neutral expression, ...”

"That's her, Daria. Anyway, Andrea's a sophomore, right?” Quinn said, interrupting.

“Yes, she's a sophomore,” Kristen said.

“]So we will have to wait until after school to talk to her,” Quinn said. She took out the other sheet. Kristen and Cindy looked at it.

"Jodie's a sophomore too,” Kristen said. Quinn slumped into her seat.

“What about the vice presidents?” she asked. Cindy and Kristen looked at the sheets.

“I don't know this 'Dewey Rogers' but Burnout Girl's a sophomore too,” Cindy said.

“I don't know 'Dewey Rogers' either,” Kristen said.

“]Burnout Girl?” Quinn asked, confused.

“A nickname. They say that she is into weed,” Kristen said, whispering the last word.

Eeewww!” Quinn said.

“My reaction exactly. Anyway we could go to the Landon's and then to the Hecuba's after school,” Kristen said.

“Count me out. Andrea gives me the creeps,” Cindy said.

“She is not that creepy,” Kristen said.

“]I don't want to go to Andrea's place, ok,” Cindy said.

“That's ok, right, Kristen?” Quinn asked.

“That's ok. Quinn and I will go to Jodie's and Andrea's after school.” Kristen said.

“Ok,” Cindy said.

“The brown Nissan Pulsar parked in front of a large house with a brown roof. “Here it is, the Landon's,” Kristen's brother, Keith, said.

“Thanks!” Quinn said as she got out.

“]I will give you a call when we're finished,” Kristen said.

“As long as it is after 6. My shift at Cluster Burger finishes then,” Keith said.

“That's cool,” Kristen said.

“If we're finished by then we'll walk. I need to learn Lawndale's layout anyway,” Quinn said.

"That's cool,” Keith said, before he drove off.

Quinn rang the Landon's doorbell. A pre-teen African American girl came to the door. “Hi, are you here for Jodie?” she asked.

“Yes, I am Quinn Morgendorffer, a new student at Lawndale High. I'm really interested in joining the club that Jodie is president of.”

“I'm Kirsten Bell, Quinn's friend.”

“I'm her sister, Rachel. You mean a club that she is President of."

“You mean that she is the president of more than one club?” Quinn asked. 'She must be really popular, an overachiever or both,' she thought.

“Yes,” Rachel said, as if stating the obvious.

“I forgot to tell you, Jodie has a large extracurricular load,” Kristen said, apologetically.[/SIZE][/FONT]

"Could have told me that,” Quinn said, playfully.

“Follow me,” Rachel said, leading the other two into the house.

Jodie Landon and her boyfriend Michael 'Mack' McKenzie were doing homework when Rachel lead Quinn and Kristen to the Landon's den.

“Visitors for you, Jodie,” Rachel said, before leaving.

“Kristen Bell, right? Why are you here?” Jodie said, looking up from her homework.

“Actually, I am accompanying Quinn here,” Kristen said.

“Quinn Morgendorffer,” she said indicating herself. “I'm new at Lawndale and I would like to be a member of the Computer Club.”

Jodie's expression was unreadable.

“Morgendorffer, where else have I heard that name today?” Mack mused.

“Oh yeah, do you know a Daria Morgendorffer?” Jodie asked.

“Yeah, she is my sister,” Quinn said. “Isn't she weird?”

“Could have said that your sister was a sophomore,” Kristen said.

“Didn't come up,” Quinn said, shrugging. “Anyhow, Computer Club membership?”

“Sorry, Quinn. I don't handle the membership applications for the Computer Club. Jennifer does,” Jodie said.

“Oh?” Quinn asked.

“]I am sure that Kristen has told you that I have a large extracurricular load?” Jodie asked.

“Yeah, when your sister mentioned that you were president of more than one club,” Quinn said.

“I am president of four clubs, vice president of three more, a member of even more, and involved in the school paper, the student council and the yearbook committee. So you see, I have to delegate,” Jodie said.

“Ok,” Quinn said.

“So, do you know where Jennifer lives?” Kristen asked.

“I do have her address, somewhere. I'll go up to my room and get it,” Jodie said. She left.

“So you want to join the Computer Club?” Mack asked.

“Yeah, and the Programming Club. Programming stuff is very cool! Except when there are bugs, but I enjoy the challenge of solving them. Many of the special characters are cute,” Quinn said.

“I see,” Mack said.

odie re-entered the den carrying a piece of paper, which she gave to Quinn. “That is Jennifer's address. You should be able to join the club.”

“Cool. But how are we going to get there? Kristen's brother had to go to work,” Quinn said, thinking.

“I could drive you,” Mack said.

“Cool!” Quinn said.

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