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Re: I really Like "Carbon Creek"

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I wrote that.
Really? One of my favs from SNW! Stuck with me long after I finished it! Good job! I was going to mention it here until I got to the reference!

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I generally dislike ENT, but Carbon Creek is one of my all-time fav Trek episodes from any series. The story was warm and human and you really got to care about the characters by the end. Wonderfully written.
Agreed. And, FYI, I have spelling issues.
Thanks! Glad to hear someone enjoyed it. It was fun to write.

As for the episode itself... honestly I didn't care for it. It seemed silly and ultimately kind of pointless (I felt that way about many season 2 episodes of 'Enterprise'). I guess (obviously) I ended up more interested in what happened after the episode ended than in the episode itself.
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