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Hello to all,

I was wondering concerning the new movie of ST with Spock in the Past and the time line.

Considering that Young Spock...(Quinto) is going on to be the Spock we now know and love in the TV series and Movies and the Shall we say Original Older SPOCK in the same Time-Line Does this not cause a conflict in the Line?
Nope, both Spocks will forge their own paths in this new realty. The Spock in the older reality will follow the path we've seen, ending with his attempt to save Romulas and winding up in the new reality.

I know Vulcan Philosophy is basically based on SURAK and his teaching...BUT...Doesn't The Old Spock findinng a suitable planet for the vulcan to Re-Habitate and Continue their Existence...Would that not make SPOCK (Past-Leonard Nimoy) the new founder of Vulcan Philiosophies and existances.
Nope. Vulcans will continue to follow the Philosophies of Surak as they have for millennia. the Elder Spock has not set himself up as the founder of a new philosophy.

Continuing to STNG -- Spock on ROMULUS, while there sais he saw a similiarilty to Vulcans etc...and remained to Teach the philosophies etc.. Could it be His influence in the Past and the Situation with NERO and the time travels??

Thanks As we say in SCi-FI anything is Possible.??
We've no idea if the Spock of this reality will take up the mission of Reunification as the Elder Spock did. The Vulcans and Romulans of this reality are already on a different path than the ones we've seen in the older reality.
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