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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

In some ways, I think that Jarol needed to see Dorak's anger up close and personal, to really see what Cardassia did to itself. She tries so hard to ignore it sometimes, that I think she needed to see that it wasn't just bad, bad Federation people who find themselves so revolted by ruling by force, but Cardassians. (Which is what she ultimately did, with the coup.) And not just "weak" Cardassians she could imagine as stupid, but smart ones like Dorak. Anything that doesn't do any actual harm but knocks her down a peg as far as that attitude goes is a good thing, in my book. I think Jarol deserved it because of her arrogance and her role in the coup.

Mind you, I don't like seeing Jarol hurt on personal/family levels. That part of her is the part that wasn't corrupted. It's the political arrogance (and by the way, I saw her giving Dorak a look JUST like Gul Dukat, at one point), and what she did in the coup, that I have a BIG problem with.

Zamarran, however, did not deserve Dorak's anger. He had a long heritage of making a difference, and himself did something that Dorak would have found admirable had he actually listened. He's never walked the line between being a good man and a monster; he doesn't need that warning and that chastisement.

What's his wife a Guide?

On to Borad...that IS a horrible memory. Were you inspired by any of the stories coming out of Egypt and some of these countries in the Middle East? To him I would have said that while the anger was justified, that the civilians had, their horrible conduct destroyed all of their moral high ground in my eyes. They had no right to torture him that way, any more than people had a right to beat and torture our journalists in Egypt.

In some ways, though--and I would never have said this in front of Borad--that demonstrates the sickness in Cardassian society. It's easy to talk about Klingons only understanding force, as Jarol does, but force has been Cardassia's only example for 500 years. That is a LONG time of being that poisoned, and that to me demonstrates that both military AND civilians were poisoned by it. Apparently they used force as their first and only resort, too. That's what Borad is missing--though as hurt as he was, I understand why he doesn't see it: he doesn't see that the poison that the civilians had, and the military had, were one and the same.

As far as the virus...if it was designed to target only Cardassians, there are still many different people who could have created it. I'm not ruling out people from any power as a suspect, from Klingons to Romulans to the Federation, even to latent Dominion activity, or even Cardassian/Obsidian Order fanatics.

As for Demok...yikes...he DID do the stupid thing I was afraid he was going to. I REALLY hope Boreep or Albek is able to find a cure before it's too late!
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