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In the Sentai-footage department, we got a new twist on the giant-monster fights: this time around, the mooks (called "Moogers") are able to turn giant themselves

I am very close to the point of deciding to stop watching this show. I think it's a solid contender for the worst Power Rangers season ever, which is doubly disappointing given that it follows the hands-down best PR season ever, RPM. If they ever get around to showing the actual series premiere, I'll check that out, but I don't know if I'll bother to come back on a weekly basis after this.

If Power ranger's samurai had bothered to do the proper introduction of the Samurai Megazord the giant moogers would have appeared earlier.

But they skipped introductions and are now using footage from episode 4 of Shinkenger.

The longer they delay the proper introductions the weirder things will look if they use the footage in say Episode 15. Ofcourse they could just use it as unseen flashback footage.

As for your second point. Yeah I'm hearing that this cast and season are at least 5 steps back from what RPM established in terms of acting and execution.

Over in Japan, Gokaiger's second episode was great.

Gokaioh battle

YouTube - Gokaioh Battle

Gokai Changes in episode 2

YouTube - Gokai Change episode 2

The all red ranger attack was awesome
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