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Ouch, today's Samurai episode was the worst one yet. The dialogue was painfully bad, and it's becoming increasingly evident that this is just about the least talented cast any Power Rangers series has ever had, and one of the least charismatic. Even the mentor is bad and unappealing.

The story didn't make much sense either. It was the usual PR sort of thing where the Red Ranger gets a new weapon/power source and has to struggle to master it, but the way it was executed was incoherent. Red Ranger Jayden is obsessively training himself to exhaustion, trying and failing to master the new weapon, so his mentor Ji tells him he needs to learn to relax and not be so obsessive, that he needs to find balance in his life. But Jayden ignores this and keep on training obsessively, eventually mastering the weapon through sheer persistence and willpower. Then at the end, Jayden says he's learned that he needs to relax from time to time to achieve balance in his life. Huh? So he succeeds because he completely ignores that lesson, and yet in the process he learns the value of that lesson? What the hell?

In the Sentai-footage department, we got a new twist on the giant-monster fights: this time around, the mooks (called "Moogers") are able to turn giant themselves, and the main giant monster is apparently free to call in a horde of giant myrmidons anytime it pleases. Now, if this is the case, if the villains have so many giant monsters at their disposal at once, why do they only send one at a time? Why not just unleash this whole giant army to lay waste to the cities of the world? Yeah, yeah, I know Sentai/PR villain strategy is generally devoid of logic or coherence, but this is really pushing it.

At least for once the Bulk-and-Spike scenes didn't involve Bulk getting splattered with something (although there was a bit with Bulk voluntarily wolfing down a whole wad of cotton candy in one go), but they didn't really have any other payoff or point. And Spike's voice continues to redefine "annoying" in new and unpleasant ways.

I am very close to the point of deciding to stop watching this show. I think it's a solid contender for the worst Power Rangers season ever, which is doubly disappointing given that it follows the hands-down best PR season ever, RPM. If they ever get around to showing the actual series premiere, I'll check that out, but I don't know if I'll bother to come back on a weekly basis after this.
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