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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

10. Black Swan (B+)
11. Made in Dagenham (B)
12. Gentleman's Agreement (A-)
13. Barney's Version (A-)
14. Out of Africa (B)
15. The Social Network (A-)

Rewatch! This is the first time I've seen this since it first came out, so I thought I'd revisit it before the Oscars as a refresher (also, a cousin who hadn't seen it was visiting). I originally rated this an "A", but ended up downgrading it a half-grade on rewatch; not, to be clear, due to the various debates about its accuracy (I knew that the first time, and wild inaccuracy was good enough for Shakespeare, so if Fincher and Sorkin can do the same). And most of the things hold up superbly: the performances are uniformly strong (Andrew Garfield narrowly missed out on a nomination for this; I'd have put him in ahead of Ruffalo or Renner, personally, two performances I really liked), the technical aspects likewise (Fincher would get my director vote; he puts a distinctly different spin on Sorkin's material than I've seen elsewhere).

My main issue is that, looking over it again, I increasingly find that apart from its strong character drama, I really don't agree with the various premises that Sorkin seems to hold about the internet and internet culture. He has a long history of hostility to the internet, and is self-admittedly barely web-literate (one of the reasons the film really can't be seen as some generation-defining commentary, which some of its more ardent proponents have labelled it, something I think does more harm than good to the movie).
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