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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

17. DOOM: C
18. Brothers: B+
19. Men In Black II: B-
20. The Crow: Wicked Prayer: C-

This fourth installment has one of the better name recognition casts in David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, Eddie Furlong, Emanuelle Chiriqi(sp) and Dennis Hopper. The film had some good set pieces and location shooting. It seems the rumors of them attempting to get this released theatrical make sense just based on the increase in quality from the third movie.

I make no illusions it's great but my grade is really due as much if not mostly due to Eddie Furlong. He is the weak link in the film. Had the movie broke out the metaphor would've been ironic but Eddie does not work as the lead imo. A better lead and this movie could easily move up a letter grade. David Boreanaz as the cult leader is great. Shades of Angelus shine through and if you liked his evil self on Angel you'll know what I mean.
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