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Re: Post your youtube vids

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Here's my YouTube page:

I don't have any fanvids on here, since I've got it as a Director Account. I'm thinking of starting a secondary account for that purpose; the account I have is already in bad standing because I'd had a Stargate Atlantis fanvid on there once and it was found when MGM was doing their huge sweep of YouTube a few years ago.

My Silver Dollar City in Pictures video has the most views of all my vids, with just over 12,000. I just uploaded three vids of characters from Walt Disney World. I highly recommend this one of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen:

We got lucky to have had an EXTREMELY awesome Naveen. And it was so much fun showing the birthday message to my niece; she was overjoyed that Tiana and Naveen were talking to her.
i am bit confused, I've got few videos that are with copyrights warning thingy, I am bit confused if they have copy right thing, why youtube don't simply delete them and be merry, why are they reprimanding ppl for it!?

I've never had any of my videos deleted but now i am really looking for obscure tunes or independent tunes to use as my music background so I don't get that nonsense from various copyrights holders.

any suggestion in finding decent independent (indie) tunes for my vids would be really welcomed
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