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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

I honestly kinda like the Sovereign class-like ship towards the bottom out of the three as an Enterprise-F concept. That is definitely because I see all subsequent Enterprises as sleek vessels, and less stocky or utilitarian, as is seen with the Congo class (Enterprise-G) and Universe-class (Enterprise-J), even with their oval shaped saucers.
I personally think that I would have found your design for the Enterprise-F more acceptable if you had found a way to combine the boomerang-shaped primary hull with a sleeker engineering hull.
Knowing me, I'll probably devote more than a few sketches experimenting with the boomerang-shaped primary hull. I have already found that it can make a nice shape for the primary hull of a vessel of the Sabre-type configuration.
The concept on the right has a nice shape for the primary hull. I would personally move the nacelles and pylons closer to the aft of the ship, but that is just me. The primary hull has a cool, aggressive shape, which to me looks makes me think that this design could be good for a vessel meant for tactical situations/combat. I personally think this could be a good shape to recycle for a later design if you ever get the chance.

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The I.S.S Titan is a Light Battle Cruiser the Sovereign is more powerful in my opinion. What makes her more powerful than the U.S.S. Titan is that she has more offensive weapons and has a multivector mode. She is also faster than her Federation counterpart at sublight speeds with the addition of the Battle sections Impulse deck.
I always thought that the Federation Titan should also have hull separation capabilities. I would think that Starfleet would give many of their finest vessels this ability, especially after giving the Sovereign class this ability, and after much of the crew of the Enterprise-D were saved thanks to this feature. Is it okay to assume that the U.S.S. Titan and her sisters eventually received a refit that allowed them to have hull separation capabilities similar to the I.S.S. Titan?
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