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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

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@PikeFan: More friendly compared to where? Just curious.
The official Trek boards. I stopped posting in the VOY boards a LONG time ago. The attitude there was if you like Chakotay or J/C you're not allowed to post without being attacked....

Well, I know this place is more friendly than the Subspace Comms. I love the place because of all the nice artwork there, but apparently, my application for membership there was rejected three days ago. Fine, their loss, so there! I'll post all of my artwork here, and they'll be missing out!
Great, now I probably sound arrogant. Is it ironic that I would still join that forum if they changed their mind(s) (and probably let bygones be bygones)? It wouldn't be so bad if they gave a justification for my rejection, and didn't take a month to get back to me.

@jeskawest and infinix: While I'm here, minus well say "Greetings!"

@Kai "the spy": No offense taken. I have learned a lesson from this anyways. So you live in Germany. Isn't technology great, communicating with people on different parts of the planet?
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