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Re: Gaith Presents: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dating 21st-Century Wome

@ BA: Thanks!

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Apart from the whole casual sex fixation thing, you sound like you know what you're doing. I enjoyed reading it, you have a lot of interesting approaches, and a very fun turn of phrase!
Thanks again! I'm both amused and intrigued, though, by this "whole casual sex fixation thing", as I consider myself to be relatively uninvested in emotion-free bonking. That said, I am generally in favor of it when the circumstances are right (i.e., it just happens, and isn't something you're fixated on or go out with the specific intention of finding), and I do think that trying some can be very helpful in learning to be comfortable with your own sexuality. For example, I went on three dates last summer with a wonderful woman who I was emotionally attracted to. She found me cute, but for both personal and practical reasons was resistant to the idea of giving me an even chance, and we never got past the kissing stage. If not for the unapologetically sexual way I courted her, however, we wouldn't even have gotten that far; I wouldn't have had what chances I did to demonstrate my emotional interest, and we probably wouldn't have had the fun second two dates.

So, while I don't say that everyone should give casual sex a try, I do say don't knock it until you've tried it. (Not speaking to anyone in particular here, just rambling.)

Anyway, keep the comments/thoughts coming!
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