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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

If that image was from some kind of show, I'd watch it forever. And ever.

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Is that the fencing epee (sp?) that was in her bedroom? You know, the decoration that never figured into any of Voyager's eps. (Damn!)

Excellent choice!
JR, I don't know where it is anymore, but I believe there's an old J/C fic out there called "The Sword of Janeway" that references that weapon. I can't recall the plot, but she cuts herself with it by accident and then Chakotay shows up and they have sex or something.

That sword shows up just once, right? I think in "Persistence of Vision" when Janeway looks around her bedroom.

What's interesting is that most of Janeway's items from her quarters and Ready Room are actually in the little cabin in "Resolutions." I don't recall seeing the sword, although the little wooden fish thing (which sits next to the sword) is on a shelf near the gramophone (boy... for someone who claims not to like "Resolutions" all that much, I sure know a lot of silly details.)
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