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Re: The Buildup and Anticipation to the Borg

The way I figure it was that the Borg should have been destroyed in FC. I don't understand how they could all be dying on the Ent-E and yet all be alive and well in the Delta Quadrant a few months later. If the Borg were that dependant on the Queen, how could she risk taking herself into the past. I don't believe its been ever shown that the Queen had deputy Queens in waiting. If counting the events in FC, I feel that Voyager should have entered Borg space that was in absolute disarray. There could have been factions vying for power and a civil war could have been occuring since the Queen was gone. Instead, the Queen was back as if nothing ever happened in FC. There was no reference by the Borg as to what effect FC had on their hive. Seven only mentions later how the Borg's interference helped humans make first contact with Vulcan. If FC is ignored, Scorpion was a great two parter. It was the peak of Voyager. Cobra
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