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Re: Fallen Star - Episode 1 (it's not Star Trek, but it's close)

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I spoke to my fellow partner-in-crime... uhh... co-producer the other day about the prospect of more episodes.

Yes, more episodes! Like... whoah!
An update on this:

We've moved onto the point where we're actually putting stories together now, and I even have a first draft script for "Episode 2" sitting on my hard drive. We're thinking of doing another five episodes, effectively making it a six-part "mini-series".

Yes, we are quite insane.

So, while we're we in the pre-production phase, I thought I'd throw open the doors to any (and I mean ANY) ideas, suggestions, criticisms and whathaveyou. Anything you think we could improve on, anything we should continue doing, or anything you'd like to see feature.

If all goes to plan, we could be back in production sometime this year.
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