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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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My fave line from QoS isn't even in English!

"We are school teachers on sabbatical...and we have just won the lottery."
You know, this was one of the few parts I liked about QoS, a glimpse of the classic Bond "Where's the fun in subtly?" attitude.

That's also what I feel was missing the most in the Craig films; Bond needs to look like he's fun doing the stuff he does (something that Brosnan had perfected from the start, just watch him drive that tank in "GoldenEye"). Craig rarely does that. Or he didn't in the two movies we saw up to now. It seems he can only have fun when he's with a lady. Well, of course, he should have fun when he's with a lady, but ... oh, you know what I mean.
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