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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

CUW Radalar
Day 3

Gul Toral jumped out of his chair with a roar. “What?!” he boomed.

“Our Hideki is under attack,” Lorrun repeated.

“Locate the source and destroy,” Toral ordered.

He was mad, he was furious, he felt he was just about to explode with wrath. He had feared there might be trouble but he expected the virus to be the greatest danger, not some kind of ground artillery.

“The surface is hailing us,” Yamuc reported.

“On screen!” As soon as Krause’s face appeared on the screen, Toral wished he could grab that frail neck and crush it.

Gul Toral, I don’t know what’s going on but we are not firing at your representative.

“Oh, I suppose the forest didn’t like to noise the shuttle makes,” the gul growled.

I’ve just sent a rescue group. They will locate and bring back your people. I am very sorry for this, Gul Toral. Please, don’t punish all civilians for a mistake of one group of extremists.

Krause was not an arrogant ass any more. He was begging Toral.

“If something happened to Sub-Archon Demok and Medic Boreep, you will pay with your head for this,” Toral hissed.

Fine. But don’t take all heads of all colonists. I take full responsibility. I will find and punish the guilty ones. I—” He silenced for a moment and seemed to listen to someone. Toral could hear somebody talking but no matter how he strained his ears, he could not catch anything meaningful. “I have just been informed that Demok and Boreep are alive.” Krause’s voice was full of relief. “I’ll have them brought here. Not sure about the shuttle.

“Forget the shuttle.” Toral sat in his chair, sighing heavily. “Keep them in your office until we can bring them safely back aboard the Radalar.”

I will. I’ll tell them to contact you as soon as they are here.” Toral only nodded. “Do I have your word you won’t retaliate against the civilians?

“You do.” Since when do you trust a Cardassian gul’s word? Toral wanted to ask.

Thank you.” He disconnected.

Toral closed his eyes. If the shuttle was badly damaged, there was a huge possibility that EVA suits were torn or damaged too. And that meant... He didn’t want to think about it.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about it.
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