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Gaith Presents: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dating 21st-Century Women

Hola Everyone,

Well... I don't really know of a clever way to present this, so I'll cut to the chase: I've written a guide for how to date modern women. It's called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Dating 21st-Century Women", and yes, the tone and prose is an extended stylistic homage to Douglas Adams, because a) I thought that'd be a funny approach to such a banal subject and b) I probably wouldn't have written it otherwise.

This guide represents all the really important stuff I've learned about dating in the past two years or so, and while I'm no expert on the subject - seriously, my track record is pretty pathetic - I do think/hope that some people might find it helpful. I know I certainly wish that I'd had this pamphlet (as I refer to it) back during my college years. It might not have made much difference at all, but then again, it just might have changed all sorts of things. Either way, it's based on knowledge and experience I wouldn't give up for anything, and now that I've written it, I figure I might as well release it.

While I go into a fair bit of detail on many dating-related subjects, from asking a girl out to sex, here's a preview of sorts:

The Guide wrote:
The second most important thing when it comes to dealing with women is Confidence. The most important thing is to not be a sodding git, but the inability to respect and treasure women is an affliction no pamphlet can cure; therefore, if you are so hobbled, please either burn this or pass it on to someone worthier forthwith.
Now, suppose you’re a non-git who nevertheless doesn’t possess confidence: how, then, can you acquire and embody it? The entire and simple answer to that question lies in the Three Steps.
These three steps are (explanation and commentary presented in the pamphlet itself):

The Guide wrote:
1. Recognize your desires
2. Accept your desires
3. Express your desires

The HGTD21CW is available entirely free of charge, in both regular-page and e-reader-friendly (specifically, designed-for-Kindle) pdfs. Maybe I totally wasted my time writing it, maybe a few people will enjoy it, or maybe it'll catch like wildfire and burn the Internet down. Okay, probably not the latter. But you guys are the first to hear of it!

So-o, there it is. Uh... enjoy?
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