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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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A quick scan of this (excellent) thread, looks like no one has yet discussed sets...

In my experience, fan films are prone to constructing museum pieces where they need SHOOTABLE SETS.

Making things wild is almost never a mistake and building only what you need for the production according to the plan (i.e. THE SCRIPT) saves cost, time, effort, space, etc.

While it may be nice to have a complete recreation of your favorite spaceship bridge, it doesn't always add up to a practical shooting environment and, at the end of the day, it's what's on screen that matters, not the physical set.

When it comes to Star Trek, you can easily get probably 95% of the bridge shots in TOS using about 60% of the pie (and less than that if you're even modestly creative). For the first two New Voyages episodes we only had from Uhura's station to the starboard flat of the viewscreen...
A good point, Dr.!

As has been discussed here a number of times, even on TOS they typically had a good third of the bridge pulled out most of the time and rarely put the entire set together. Starship Exeter had about 2/3rds of a bridge and would swap sections around to be opposing sides.

On Polaris we had a 200░ set (basically one side plus the front and back ends), and at the end of the shoot we rearranged the one of the end pieces and redressed and rotated the center console 180░ degrees and got all the shots we needed of the other side. The set being wide open on one side made it easy to work in, that's for sure.
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