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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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As long as there's a Q, Moneypenny, opening gun barrel, 'Bond, James Bond', 'Shaken, not stirred', and he gets the girl at the end I'll consider it an improvement and right now don't care who writes it.

If it comes out and sucks, then I will be displeased.
There had better be gadgets in this one.

And one liners. Craig's movies have all been so dull to date.
One-liners? From Casino:

(After the "poison/defibrilator" sequence) "Oh, sorry. That last hand--it nearly killed me."

"I'm the money." "Every penny of it."

"How's the lamb?" "Skewered. One sympathizes."

And of course... "You noticed."

From QoS:

"Tell her slate was a dead end."

"I thinks she has handcuffs." "I do hope so."

"I can't find the stationary. Why not come an' help me look?"

As for gadgets--Craig has them, but they're more subtle and down-to-earth. Listening devices...lock-pickers--miniature defibrilators. And we catch a brief glimpse of other gadgets when he pulls the last one out in Casino.

It's practically a given that, since the origin story is basically over--and Bond has learned his lesson--the Bondian structure will return in the next one--particularly the gunbarrel at the beginning. (Hopefully a bit slowed down--but I like the visual of Craig's Bond walking away as the blood comes down.)

As Moneypenny...well, maybe--if she serves the plot well. Don't force her. Q, I would LOVE to see in the next film. M basically orders Bond to rely less on brute force, and Q trains him in more extensive use of equiptment. Craig-Bond, naturally, takes the gadgets begrudgingly, but comes to accept them.
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