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Re: Upcoming Releases in January, February and March

Since I'm preparing to head out to Farpoint (a convention north of Baltimore, Maryland) tomorrow morning, I thought I'd post the list a bit early this week, especially since it has a new lead item.

By the way, I'll be showing several independent productions on "Fan Film Friday" at the convention, so if you're going to be there and want to see such films as "A Tale of Two Galaxies" or "Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di for," or even the first animated Trek episode in 35 years, come by and we can chat.

And without any further adieu:

Henglaar, M.D. (audio series)
Premiering on Saturday, February 19, 3 p.m. EST, 12 noon PST
Episode 105, “Profit Without Honor”
Previous Episodes
Episode 101, “Recalled to Life”
Episode 102, “Best Served Cols”
Episode 103, “Risk Factors”
Episode 104, “Good With Words”
For general information on the series, go to

Voyages of the U.S.S. Angeles (audio series)
"Duty's Betrayal"

Star Trek: Requirius
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Star Trek: Rapture (sequel to Star Trek: Unity)
"The Road to Rapture"

Star Trek: Armada
Season 3’s first two animated episodes

Star Trek: Keeping up With the Cardassians
Eleven episodes available

Star Trek Defiant audio series
Episode #53, "Memory"

Star Trek: Star Trek: Osiris

Star Trek Outpost audio series
Episode 21, "Shades of the Past”

Star Trek: The Romulan Wars
"Let the End Try the Man" is the title of their fourth episode, two acts of which have been posted. You can also watch the previously released fifth program, "The Wounded," at their site as well.

Star Trek: Phase II
"Enemy Starfleet"
Pushed back from Thanksgiving weekend until the start of next year.

Star Track: 7th Annual Christmas Special
Released on December 26

Star Trek: Excelsior audio series
Episode 304, “The Infestation”

Fallen Star
Ten-part first episode, “The American Invasion”

Star Trek: Intrepid and Hidden Frontier
“One of Our Own” vignette

Star Trek: Specter
"Director’s Cut" of the first episode
Every voice in the project was provided by its creator, but a new audio component is being recorded with a full voice cast. Still, if you don’t mind listening to a "one-man band," you can watch the entire first episode here:

Star Trek: Phase II
"Director’s Cut" of "In Harm’s Way"

Star Space Vessel Bird audio series
Debut episode: "Escape"

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files audio series
The first episode of the fourth season is called "Nero’s Legacy"

If anyone has a correction or addition, just post it here or send me an email so I can add it or adjust it for the list.
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