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Re: Is the Vanguard series over? (Possible spoilers)

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Can we geta moderator to put in the spoiler code in the first post? Or at least change the topic to what the spoiler is really about. That way, others won't have Paths spoiled.
Again, I apologize for not being more specific about spoilers in the title, but I mention Paths of Disharmony in the first line of my post, so I feel like changing the title of the thread to "Is the Vanguard series over? (Paths of Disharmony spoilers)" instead of the parenthetical "(Possible Spoilers)" really doesn't do anything and actually makes the title of the thread more spoilery. Also, I don't get into specifics at all about what happens in PoD, just that it mentions the meta-genome. I don't even mention the application of the meta-genome in the book. Again, if I ruined anybody's reading experience I truly apologize, but maybe we should all

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No, no, no. It's not over yet. Just keep buying them and we'll keep writing them.
Done and done - I just preordered the Vanguard books already on Amazon. Like I said earlier Vanguard is my favorite Star Trek book series (and you are one of my favorite writers), so I'm very, very excited to hear this. Also, thanks to everyone for all the replies and information, you guys are great sources of knowledge, and again if my spoiler-warning skills are inadequate, I apologize.
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