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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

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If we are talking about species harmed during Voyager, who cares?

If we are talking about Jeri being harmed by her comments... I think apologizing AT the cons is what she needs to do. She's taking ownership of her comments and telling those people most likely to have heard them that she was wrong.

I think that kind of atonement would mean more to Jeri than Kate sending her a note, or stopping her backstage to say "sorry for being such an ass."
I disagree.
We the public weren't on the set of Voyager.
We don't know what was said or done, why apologize to us?
If you insulted me(for example) apologizing to my neighbor for it is as meaningless as it is cowardly.
If you're sincere about your apology, you say it directly to that person you insulted. That's the honorable & proper thing to do.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
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