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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
my bet would be some kind of blend of the plot Avengers #1 and the Super-Human arc of The Ultimates.

Loki manipulates Hulk into attacking New York and the Ultimates, sorry Avengershave to beat him down as he tears up mid-town in a major slug-fest.
Sounds likely enough, but in the astronomically unlikely event that Whedon goes the Mark Millar route with the Hulk's characterisation, I may disavow the movie and leave. I think that there'll be a more character-based and story-based vibe to this movie than Millar's shock-tactic approach.

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
The smoothest, easiest and best reason to get the cinematic Avengers together can be done very similar to if not exactly like it's 4-color counterpart did it back in the '60s.
Sure, why not? I can't see Thor being a minor player, as he kind of brings mythology and adventure to the party. Cap has to be integrated in some significant way, though.
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