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ENTER!!! Avatar Contests - Exile / Andorians

When last we visited the Enterprise Avatar Contest...

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The polls are closed, and here are--

In the Episode contest for "The Shipment," yours truly takes the Porthos this week, with her dashing Captain Archer-- thank you for the votes! Skywalker comes in second with a peek into T'Pol's very un-Vulcan yearnings for Hoshi.

In the Theme contest celebrating "Columbia," Skywalker comes out on top with his double dose of NX ships, while Admiral Shran is runner-up with his fetching off-duty Erika Hernandez.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the entrants and voters for taking part!
Our next episode is Exile, wherein a lovely beauty tries to tame an enigmatic beast by...threatening to smash his favorite telepathic toy. Plus Archer and Trip go on a field trip.

For the theme, my co-winner Skywalker has suggested Andorians.

Same rules -- 140x140p dimensions, 140k size, cha cha cha.

Entry thread will be open until at least Sunday, depending on the avalanche of entries (hint, hint).

As is my privilege as wielder of the Avatar Sceptre of Awesome Power I will start things off.



Let's get it on, folks!
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