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Re: Planet of the Titans U.S.S. Enterprise

Thanks to everyone that has commented. Regarding losing some forks off the space dock, I think it works the way it is. I've always thought of docks of this type being used for fitting out a mostly complete ship before sending it off to trials. I don't think you're going to see any major components being brought into it.

So I've rebuilt the wings, for the 4th time, I think, it might be more. I've been fiddling around with textures and that brought out some horrible segmentation on the wings that needed to be address and it was easier to just build new ones. But now they've got some cleaner details than before. Also added some some new details outside the hangar.

Texturing has begun, well tests anyway, but I'm pleased with how it's going. I've never textured a model before and frankly the thought of it in the past has always been both scary and exhausting. Learning to unwrap the parts has been an experience in and of itself.

So here's the latest...

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