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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

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....but no, just out of respect and being polite I would never actually ask Mulgrew: "Why you such a bitch?"
According to Picardo's interview on that show they did about the Trek captains on the Bio channel - that's why she got cast in the first place. So I ain't gonna question it.

But, yeah, I couldn't have coffee with her because I'd probably get within three feet and wet myself, faint, wake up, blubber, and wet myself again.

I couldn't ever interact with someone famous, much less KM. Well, I mean, I guess I could if someone provided me with some Depends and was there to catch me before I did serious injury to myself.

I have a hard time enough time ordering food at McDonald's. Strangers are scary.

I "think" it was Lucy Lawless who once told a story (in an interview) about being so disappointed as a child when she met a "hero"/actor once and they were such a smuck. She always tries to remember that when confronted with fans meeting "her".

I was a "veteran" convention goer, when I went to my SECOND convention in 2001 to celebrate the end of Voyager's 7 year run. I had no trouble getting up in front of 2000 people the year before in Burbank to ask questions of my Voyager favs (Robbie, Tim, Bob) but when I stood at the mic and looked up at Mulgrew, I joked that my discussion board pals had pegged me right. I was about to "turn" into a bucket of "goo." Kate was very sweet and "ahh'ed" while I pulled myself together and did my spiel.

What I remember of that afternoon was what we talk about on this board frequently. She just looked directly at me and under that gaze I settled down sufficiently to explain & give her my "gang's" gift ...

(Yes, Vas2009, it WAS a House Of Janeway Tshirt, but in command red!)

....and to ask the question that was intriguing me at the time.


Kate Mulgrew: 'House of Janeway' There you go. Oh, 'Wednesdays with Kathryn - The House of Janeway. Thank you very, very much.

Questioner:"I have one actual question."

Kate Mulgrew: Yes, of course.

Questioner:"Speaking of science fiction in general and Star Trek in particular, we often talk about how this genre is not only known for its Star Trek conventions, but known for introducing young people into the scientific discipline. Did you feel at all strange to be told that you not only had the mantel of Kirk and Picard, but you had to read Jules Verne and bring everybody into the 21st Century in terms of NASA and the sciences?"

Kate Mulgrew: It was a bit daunting, but I like a challenge. And, um, it stimulated me to learn, you know? Science fiction was foreign to me and I would have to be very honest and tell you science was, by in large, foreign to me when I got this job. But I studied. The first lady (Hilary Clinton) invited me to Washington in the first season to meet with a group of scientists and honor women in science and then I said to myself, 'Well, if this is going to be done well, I'm going to have to take it rather seriously." And so I have. I mean there's a great deal ahead of me. But I see what wide and really extraordinary impact Star Trek has on burgeoning scientists so I do take it seriously and I thank you for that question and I thank you for these gifts.

I met her again the summer of 2009, during the photo-op session of a creation con. I had no burning questions, but I was blessed with that other thing we talk about on this board so much.

That smile.

That, and her firm handshake (I can't stand limp ones!) are the memories I carry of THAT con.

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