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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

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....but no, just out of respect and being polite I would never actually ask Mulgrew: "Why you such a bitch?"
According to Picardo's interview on that show they did about the Trek captains on the Bio channel - that's why she got cast in the first place. So I ain't gonna question it.

But, yeah, I couldn't have coffee with her because I'd probably get within three feet and wet myself, faint, wake up, blubber, and wet myself again.

I couldn't ever interact with someone famous, much less KM. Well, I mean, I guess I could if someone provided me with some Depends and was there to catch me before I did serious injury to myself.

I have a hard time enough time ordering food at McDonald's. Strangers are scary.
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