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Re: The Buildup and Anticipation to the Borg

If you mark two-parters as one episode, TNG had 4 Borg appearances. The intro had them lose, and only be saved by Q, BOBW was the awaited confrontation, "I, Borg" let them hide (though the way they did it made no sense) and "Descent" was a weakened breakway group that didn't have adaptive or regenerative powers.

So in all of TNG, the actual Collective was only beaten once and even then it was on a technicality since it was the Collective that inadvertently destroyed the invasion force and not the Federation's weapons.

VOY would've been better off if they just outright said that the Probe ships and Spheres are vastly weaker than the Cubes, never have VOY battle a Cube and just have them fight the Probes and Spheres.
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