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Help needed with photoshop: Ambassador class variants

I'm writing an essay about the conjectural Starfleet vessel classes and what they might possibly look like based on such factors as registry numbers, time of commissioning, verbal descriptions, etc., and I need some art help as, quite frankly, I suck at photoshop.

I've posted what I've done so far, just to give an idea of what I'm doing. Each class will have it's own analysis page, along with a placeholder of a canon ship that I think the conjectural class is related to. In the future, once the writing is complete, I want to replace the placeholders with a unique design.

For now, I'm focusing on the Ambassador class. I'm going under the assumption that the Antares, Apollo, Hokule'a and Wambundu classes are all variants of the Ambassador, because they have similar registries, have only a few ships in service (like the Ambassador), and that the Ambassador class has no known variants like the Galaxy, Excelsior, or Constitution classes do.

I'm using the side-view diagram of the Enterprise-C as a place holder, but I'm looking for the following variant designs:

1. Antares: a Hermes/Saladin/Freedom style variant.

2. Apollo: a Miranda/Nebula style variant.

3. Hokule'a: a Constellation/Cheyenne style variant.

4. Wambundu: A Daedalus/Olympic style variant.

I only need a side view of the designs for the essay. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks in advance!
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