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Re: Is the Vanguard series over? (Possible spoilers)

Thanks for all the responses. I've sorta been out of the Star Trek book game for a year or two and am just now catching up so when I was reading all the meta-genome stuff in PoD, I thought maybe I missed an announcement that the series was over or something.

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I just finished Path of Disharmony...
Thank you very much for the incorrect topic. Here I thought we'd have spoilers for Vanguard and instead we get a spoiler for Paths of Disharmony. Well done. Way to go. Can we have more?
I apologize if my spoiler warning in the title wasn't enough. I tried to do the in-text spoiler thingy but couldn't figure out how (my bad, like I said I've been out of the Star Trek world for a year or two so I haven't been on this board in a while). But, I also really don't feel like I spoiled anything other than Paths of Destruction mentions the meta-genome, which shouldn't really ruin anyone's appreciation of PoD, but if it does I sincerely apologize.
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