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Re: The Buildup and Anticipation to the Borg

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I was thinking about this the other day and thought to myself how excited I was about seeing the Borg in Voyager. I remember thinking they gotta show the Borg and how this crew would deal with them compared with the TNG crew. We got the first Borg episode "Blood Fever", when Chakotay discovers the Borg head. After that everything seemed to go down hill with poor execution and eventually of course overuse of the Borg, even to the extent of introducing a Borg character and liberating her from the collective.

What are your memories and feelings regarding this? Were you excited? What did you think would happen when Voyager encountered them? Did you like the Borg episodes? I will give Voyager credit for expanding our understandnig and providing background for them. Just the use of the Borg for me felt off somehow.
overuse of the borg in voyager? tng had more borg episodes including the movie, and while voyager had a borg aboard, and crossed extensive borg space; enterprise never came nowhere near it. i rather feel that tng neuterized the borg, there was the story of lovely hugh, and evil lore recruited a faction of them, and their vessels, and workforce became quite harmless in first contact. credit to tng for introducing them, but the mess it left was fixed by voy.
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