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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

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^ I think that's more a result of bad writing than bad acting choices. The character of Janeway was written so inconsistently that I could see how it would be difficult for Mulgrew to realistically portray the character (one episode she's depressed about being in the DQ the next she's saying she never questioned that decision)
You can't blame everything on bad writing.
If someones body language is off that's either the fault of bad acting or bad directing. For example: Mulgrew standing nearly nose to nose with someone while talking during the first 2 seasons has nothing to do with writing. That's bad improper directing and acting. That works in daytime soap operas, not in night time drama. As Voyager continues, you can see Mulgrew stops doing this. The scripts didn't change, the direction on how to play the scenes did.
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