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Re: Best Audio Book?

One set of audio books that hasn't been discussed yet is BBC Audio's intriguing line of unabridged readings of Target Books novelisations. More than just having an actor read the books verbatim, they've added music, special effects, Nick Briggs doing Dalek voices where applicable, and as they announced recently they even commissioned a new novelisation for The Stones of Blood for the audio version. I just bought my first one, Planet of the Spiders read by Elisabeth Sladen, and I'm quite enjoying it, even though I've read the book. Sadly, they're pretty expensive to buy in Canada ($36 for the one I just bought) but they might be worth checking out. The new Stones of Blood opens the door for other "new" novelisations to appear -- I keep hoping they'll finally get clearance to do ones based on Eric Saward's Daleks stories or, dare I say it, the three stories Douglas Adams wrote, or co-wrote - including Shada - which were never novelised for print originally because Target never came to an agreement with Adams. But audio is a different matter - they could simply classify the novelisation as an audio drama and since they have precedent with the webcast and CD release of that ...

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