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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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And I have the strangest sense of deja vu!

I give Gadsby credit for being local and, so I believe, and actual fan, but does he really have the financial backing to do any better than GSE's backers? I mean last time he bought us he'd got rid within 18 months....I'd just hate for us to go through the same cycle again with him selling us off to the first promising buyer on the horizon.

If I'm honest I wish there was a third alternative, but then again that might be someone from the middle or far east so maybe it's better the devil you know!
I don't think that Gadsby's the best option, but he's the better option than GSE in my opinion. I think there's more money knocking around the division than the last time Gadsby took us over, so their spending power wouldn't stretch as far as it did then. However, he certainly wouldn't spend any less than we're currently spending. Gadsby at seems to be aware of the concept of speculating to accumulate.

I welcome this news I have to say. There have been a few e-mails from Andy Appleby that have made their way into the public domain over the past few weeks that would seem to suggest that they now realise that we were a bad investment for them. That being the case it's hard to see them investing any more monies. If that's the case, time to move on IMO.

I think with Gadsby, he'll have learn't from the previous experience. He won't make that mistake again.
Well let's hope not, and I just hope that his business plan doesn't revolve around borrowing millions and getting us into financial trouble again.

As someone pointed out, he made his offer at the same time last year, ie just before all the season ticket renewals.

I don't think he's the best option, but he might be the only option, it just worries me if we keep going back to him like a comfortable ex or something!

That said at least we'd know who bloody owned us!

I just worry that the people who do own us are so wealthy they don't need to sell, and for all the negative press GSE can still point to us as a big part of their portfolio, so they may not want the ownders to sell either.

Just for once it'd be nice for DCFC to have a bog standard season of mid table mediocrtity!
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