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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

eBooks are definitely the wave of the future, and one reason is that you can not only sell at a significantly reduced price but with a greater profit margin. I recently released my second short story anthology for the Kindle and Nook-- it's priced at 99 cents and I make almost three times as much per copy.

I've also been reading non-fiction the past couple of months, notably The Killing Of Crazy Horse (which is great, but long and tough slogging at times). I'm a little behind because I didn't read anything for about two weeks while I was struck down with the flu. I also picked up Witchfinder and several other Mignola books that I haven't read yet. Walker Bean is the one drawn by Severin, right? It looks beautiful. He's also done a couple of books lately that were drawn by Corben, which were fantastic.
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