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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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John's voice over says "I got shot through a wormhole" and the accompanying footage is of Moya coming out of Starburst? Come on now, that's not even a wormhole!
Or is it....?


I'd say there's some evidence that Moya's starburst ability is wormhole related....

Just like Chiana's future-seeing abilities depend on alternate timelines, such as those created by unrealized realities...

And Zhaan's concept of 'centre halos' as described in "The Locket" are exactly the same thing as Unrealized Realities, and she said that high-level Delvian Pa'us can sense and even control them, also as demonstrated in "The Locket"...

And Noranti's third eye opens up and glows a different colour when wormhole and/or timeline wackiness is afoot...

And the very next episode after the Ancients implant wormhole knowledge in Crichton involves a transdimensional entity not unlike a certain Einstein, reached by way of Starburst going wrong...

The fact is there's been a lot of playing about with these concepts right from the beginning of the show, as well as subtle hints that some of the races out there have certain connections to the whole timeline-wormholes-realities stuff...
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