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Bill Morris
Re: Ship sizes: ALL LIES! (big pics)

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Thanks, Shaw, for making getting it right easy and convenient.
Your welcome... I love seeing your work. Specially on the ships I'm not very familiar with as they are a very helpful reference!

Some day I'd love to get one of your designs framed and backlit... when I have room to display that type of thing.
Thanks. Actually, my LCARS system has a function to make an old laptop display all 92 of them, switching every 30 seconds and continuously repeating from the beginning (Autorun mode of Briefing, the LCARS 24 PowerPoint clone), a must for any Trek-themed restaurant.

Anyway, your figure was a quality resource for doing those ships. I was lucky to have it and will certainly use it again for any ships with the same type of saucer section, to make sure I have the deck lines placed correctly and for scaling equipment accordingly.
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