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My Art (newbie)

Hi follow Trekkies! I thought sign up and stop by from time to time, I think you guys have a pretty neat site here, I love that there are a lot of artist around, that's always cool!

So I'm going to share some of my Trek related fan art:

(my digital portrait of Spock and Bones from "Mirror Mirror". I drew it with my mouse in Adobe Illustrator CS4, changed a lot in my digital painting from what it looked like in the show)

(another digital painting, this time of Kirk)[/SIZE

(this is a comic book style illustration of some of my favorite characters from the OST)[/SIZE][/FONT]

(this is a 3D star ship I did modeled and animated -while it's not related to star trek I was inspired by trek -Space... the final *catches self... shuts up* )[/SIZE][/FONT]
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