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Re: The Buildup and Anticipation to the Borg

The problem with the Borg was that they weren't well-enough defined in how powerful various Borg ships were.

I'd have made it clear that Borg Probe ships are pure cannon fodder: No adaptive shields, regular weapons.

Tactical Spheres/Cubes: Next level up, meant for fleet engagements. Still smaller than Assimilation Cubes, they have slower-working adaptive shields and regeneration capacity. Can still be overpowered by a squad of ships attacking at once but dangerous.

Assimilation Cubes: The killer, these buggers can take out civilizations. The type seen in "Q Who?" and "Best of Both Worlds".

If they'd made that clear, VOY could've just spent most of its Borg stories fighting Probe ships and Tactical Spheres/Cubes. The audience wouldn't mind as much because they'd already know that these ships are far inferior to the ships from TNG.
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