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Re: Ship sizes: ALL LIES! (big pics)

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. . . The TOS Enterprise is supposed to be 947 ft/288m long, with 23 decks. At that size, the bridge deck doesn’t fit facing forwards (thanks to the turbolift) and the decks have a maximum ceiling height of 8 ft, less than the actual sets.
Like most movie and TV interior sets, the Enterprise sets had no ceilings at all. So ceiling height is whatever you want it to be.
Sorry, I misspoke. Although there weren't ceilings on the actual sets, we occasionally saw that the walls continue up far past the top of the (6'6"?) doorframes, further than the 8' ceilings postulated by Franz Joseph Schnaubelt's blueprints would allow.

Does anyone know how tall the TOS corridor, transporter room and sickbay sets actually were?
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