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Re: Is the Vanguard series over? (Possible spoilers)

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I know Paths of Disharmony didn't feature any of the Vanguard characters
Well, that's not too surprising. While some non-human characters or very young characters might still be alive keep in mind that PoD takes place 80-100 years after the events of the Vanguard series.

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I know there is a short story collection coming out this year with (at least?) one story that's supposed to push the narrative forward somewhat (or wrap up the storyline, maybe?), but are there plans for the story to continue after that?
The anthology you're referring to is entitled Declassified and is coming sometime in June. There is also an as-yet unnamed Vanguard novel scheduled for December. You can read some very early, and likely incorrect, information and see an early version of the cover art here:

I hope you find this helpful. I'm extremely anxious to see the Vanguard saga continue.

- Byron
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