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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Ronaldo has retired.

He was a phenomenon. I remember seeing some of his goals for Barcelona and it was amazing how good he was. Even more amazing how he managed to come back after many had written him off, after those lengthy injuries.
Ronaldo was the best striker of his generation, a true legend despite any issues later in his career just look at these stats...

(League goals only)

Cruzeiro - 12 goals (14 apps)

PSV - 42 goals (46 apps)

Barcelona - 34 goals (37 apps)

Inter Milan - 49 goals (68 apps)

Real Madrid - 83 goals (127 apps)

AC Milan - 9 goals (20 apps)

Corinthians - 18 goals (31 apps)


247 League Goals in 343 League appearances

Also his record for Brazil was 62 goals in 97 games including two goals in the 2002 World Cup Final and he holds the record for most WC goals scored by 1 player at 15 I think it is.

What a striker
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