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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

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There was some sad news last week about Dorchester Publishing, which produces the Leisure Horror line, including the bulk of paperbacks by Brian Keene and reprints of Richard Laymon's work. Paperback sales are down 25%, so in order to stay afloat, they're switching to an all-digital and print-on-demand model. I suppose it's good that these modern publishing options allow them to stay in business, but I'll miss seeing their paperbacks in stores. They've been around since '71.
There was an update about these guys in the latest Locus and it's some pretty good news. They've gotten rid of their president over some financial shenanigans and they've reversed their decision to go digital. According to the news item, they will be releasing 4-5 books a month. There was also mention of bringing back the Leisure Line at some point.
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