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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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The nutty prints I mentioned upthread arrived today. Super secure packaging, fast shipping and the paintings themselves are good quality; very good seller if anyone else was thinking of buying.

So I went to the framing shop to get them framed. Their size is awkward enough that I opted to get the frames bespoke rather than squeeze them into standard frames that don't really suit in terms of size/colour. Neither the (non sci-fi fan) sales assistant nor I could stop giggling at the calculated lunacy of the subject matter. I got exactly the reaction from her that I hope to get from visitors when they first see them; a glance, then a double-take, followed by good-humoured laughter and WTF questions.
Good God those are beyond hilarious
Yeah, they're well funky.

I was thinking earlier today where to put them once they're back from the framers and think the Scout Trooper is going in the hall and Jar Jar and Jango Fett are going in the kitchen. The contrast to a print of Caravaggio's Card Sharps on another wall should be enough to bring a smile to anyone's face.

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Collected a pair of slim dark-green cords that were getting hemmed at the tailors, and couldn't resist also picking up a navy/white-pindot silk square while there.

Oh, and I also ordered a few new shirts (a pale blue solid, a blue with a thin white/brown stripe, and another one or two I can't remember right now) at the weekend, as well as ordering replacement collars/cuffs on a few that are showing their age now, but none of them will be finished for a while. Must be patient!
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