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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

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I think Trek was on life-support when 'Enterprise' started. (I did say "nearly killed")

It may have brought on more women, but it lost it a good percentage of its fan-base, which lets be fair, was mostly males at that point.
I think it only lost the fly by night casual fans that joined during TNG's hey day. IMO those that stayed on to watch Voy. are the exact core of Trek's fanbase. I think we assume that because TNG was such a huge hit, that the Trek fanbase is as large as those numbers. It isn't and never was. Voy. is also the first Trek to be put back on ratings based TV since TOS. The fact that it suvived giving us 7 full seasons(more than TOS & ENT. and equal to that of the most successful TNG & DS9) when all odds were stacked against it is a success story, not a failure.
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